Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

A little support early on may prevent extreme vulnerability later.

Identify the pattern
Identify the error
Nip it in the bud
Correct the pattern


After Two Lessons

I have had awful posture for many years which has in turn caused serious health problems. The health professionals I consulted were largely unable to help as what they recommended simply did not work. In my first 2 lessons with Olwen she taught me how to begin to sit with better use. As I have achieved what I wanted to I have stopped lessons with a view to returning as and when I need to . I know there is a great deal more I could learn . I am happy with the new more upright and confident way I look. Others have noticed too!

Elizabeth D

The Masseuse

The Technique and concepts that Olwen has taught me have become indispensible tools in my life. She teaches with enthusiasm and clarity as well as a concrete commitment to facilitating me in achieving my potential. I am thankful for all I have gained in having lessons with her.

Alice H

Poise, Posture & Co ordination

“I just want to be who I am. I just want to be myself. Let’s jump. Jump for joy Olwen”

Dylan W Aged 6 (has slight cerebral palsy  so co-ordination is a challenge) .

The Opera singer

As a professional Opera Singer the benefits of The Alexander Technique have been known for years. The impact Olwen’s teaching has had on me is enormous and that is why I recommend it.

Richard W

The Amateur Musician

Olwen will make sure the Alexander method works for you. She  is able to describe the technique  in many different ways, and makes it  easy to grasp and put into practice. If you don’t understand the first time, there will surely be a fresh  description  or approach to make sure you do. This has begun to give me a more poised approach to life.

Kath W

Personal growth

The Alexander Technique and Olwen Jane Edwards have helped me to overcome lower back pain problems which is why I first sought to learn more.

I was advised to consider Alexander’s teaching many years ago and chose to take another route. What a fool I was and what a waste of time. However had I taken earlier advice I wouldn’t have been fortunate enough to meet Olwen whose special skills and approach to the Alexander Technique have given me the tools to find the person I am, to manage all areas of my life and to value myself more. Emotions and relationship problems have been a source of distress and I am now able to handle these with confidence using the tools that Olwen and AT have helped me to develop. Olwen has wisdom patience, knowledge, humour and empathy. She has given me a new lease of life and I shall forever be grateful.

Yvonne H

Low back pain

The Alexander Technique has given me positive thinking in the way I use the whole of my body. It has helped me strengthen my neck shoulders and back and get rid of backpain.

Janet R

Recommended by chiropractor

The Alexander Technique was recommended to me by my chiropractor because of an intransigent shoulder problem, and I was lucky enough to find Olwen. She is very intuitive (with a good sense of humour, so sessions are fun too!) She has taught me that you work on undoing bad habits, and allow the body to return to it's natural balanced state. As an acupuncturist that makes perfect sense to me. And because the mind and body are so intimately linked, I feel that through the Technique I'm rediscocering who I really am.
Thanks Olwen.

Carrie C

Anxiety and depression

After by a chance meeting stumbling across Olwen at her treatment room and chatting re 2 friends who suffer prolonged back/ neck problems, realised that my minor back problem had flared up and booked myself an appointment.

On the day, tried to think of everyway of getting out paying £ 50 for an appointment I didn't really need. You see, over the years I have spent a fortune to deal with my main health problem which is a mood disorder i.e. anxiety and depression which started as stress ( job related) 24 years ago ( I am 42). I was retired at 32 years old ( housing officer for Local Authority) and have had 2 nervous breakdowns. Have seen a herbalist, 2 X acupuncturists and a homeopath ( for 10 years + who I continue to see from time to time).

Am still on low dose anti-depressants and still suffer illness irregularly. -- Anyway, went to see Olwen, cured my back real quick, but the major side effect was the impact it had on my stress levels.

Learnt how to stand up, sit down, walk down stairs, that I held my head too high etc -- but the main point for me was" on the table" -- here Olwen placed me in a position of supposed total relaxation -- do you know how much tension you carry in your thighs or your jaw --and how to relax them? --I didn't.

I trembled massively, and cried, but the relief from the letting go of the tension was cathartic. It's the 6 wk holidays, I have one energetic son, we live in an isolated place so I am his main entertainment.

There is a little aftermath after the treatment when I am so relaxed that all I want to do is sleep (that's just me), so I have postponed the treatments til after the holidays. --But I have been practicing the therapy, and that's the good thing -- it's something you can do once you have learned the technique -- but I can't wait till my son gets back to school and I can get back on that table!

Thanks a million."

Gaynor L

Self – Confidence


I started having AT lessons with Olwen  a few months ago. At first I thought it was all about posture but soon realised it was a lot more. It has transformed my life with regard to lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain. It has also helped with my confidence, getting to know myself better, being more comfortable in my body and moving with more ease.

My chiropractor is amazed at the improvement to my back and shoulders after a few months of having lessons. He has now started to refer clients to Olwen.

Sonia M

One Small Key

Thanks Olwen for all the little gems you gave me when I needed them most! You have great intuition – shame we didn’t see you more often.

Anne W

Olwen has the rare and unusual talent of being able to work things out from first principles, often very quickly. She then knows the one small thing you are capable of doing now to improve things greatly..

David E Retired