Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

A little support early on may prevent extreme vulnerability later.

Identify the pattern
Identify the error
Nip it in the bud
Correct the pattern


Sir Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. But what is key in any business or career is identifying what changes need to be made and having the confidence to make them. Olwen Edwards inspires a tremendous amount of inner thought and belief. She has an innate ability to draw out your strengths and allow you to see weakness.  Sometimes improvement or even perfection can be achieved by one small change but it takes a person like Olwen to help you discover that change. Olwen Edwards is a shrewd business woman with exceptional vision.

Chantelle I’Anson-Sparks, Company Director

I just wanted to write and say thank you, and that I really enjoyed the two days you provided us all with. Your style is immensely entertaining and vibrant and I have never had the pleasure of watching and listening to someone with such talent. I really enjoyed your stories and anecdotes, as did everyone else I am sure. I have only met one other person like you before (and that was in a 'life centre' an a gym); someone who is capable of inspiring people.

Simon Williams, Brabners Chaffe Street LLP, Solicitors

As a small business owner with staff that have physical duties involving lifting and carrying, Olwen's input has been invaluable to teach my employees better understanding of how to use and balance their bodies for handling a wide variety of animals, which improves their technique and helps prevent any health problems. The methods of the Alexander Technique provide a solid platform for everyone to be able to 'carry themselves' in a much more efficient way which improves work ability greatly. I feel better knowing that the staff are now more prepared to tackle their varied workload and also have an outlet which can provide a great source of relaxation at work and at home.

Myles Holdsworth, Vet, The Friendly Animal Clinic

Olwen brings a a deep understanding of personal integration, practical intelligence, humour and wit to her teaching. She makes a valued contribution to our work at the school.

Malcolm Williamson, The Director of The Manchester Alexander Teacher Training School

Olwen is in the top 5% of her educational bracket for seeing patterns. This makes her an Innovator in the services sector. The client who invented First Direct (a highly innovative “product”) has the same talent & personality profile.

Career Analyst, Independant commercial careers consultants